"It was very important for my career when Mats Wilander won the French Open in 1982 at the age of 17.

We had been practicing together for some time and it became clear to me then that I could reach

the top ten as well."

(Hendrik Sundström, Nr. 7 ATP, 1984)



Stimulating performance through team spirit.


When we established our BASE in 1998 we were absolutely sure that teamwork would be the significant factor of our work. The success of Swedish and Spanish teams has confirmed that a common base for practice and teamwork could also be decisive factors of success in tennis.

The success of a single player can motivate other players of the team and the players can support each other in critical times of their career and in their matches. We strongly believe that acquiring social skills in a team is a decisive factor in developing the personality of young people in sports.

The atmosphere at BREAKPOINT-BASE is determined by fun, openness and mutual respect. We are looking for sportsmen who are willing to work according to these values. This concerns both players and coaches. The various departments of the base (tennis, physical fitness, physiotherapy, marketing, administration) work as a team as well. Thus the input of all these people influences our daily work with the players. These principal synergies determine the development of top sportsmen.

Apart from teamwork we have established further key factors over the years which determine our daily work: The diligent selection of players and the individual terms of agreement.


At BREAKPOINT-BASE we want to work with motivated and talented players who are committed to develop their full potential as players and individuals.


Basic requirements are:

• dedication

• determination

• discipline

to be able to fulfil even unpleasant and uncomfortable tasks constantly.


Finally, we are convinced that only individual agreements enable us to support each player according to his personality, his talents and his financial resources. These factors must individually be adjusted to the career, the working environment and the goals the player has set. They are decisive for the agreements between BREAKPOINT-BASE and the player.

Our overall target is to develop an athlete who is responsible and self-reliant. The players must be qualified to make decisions and face the consequences – in daily business as well as in the development of his career.


Christian Fust

- Managing Director -

Jan de Witt

- Managing Director -

Thomas Dappers

- Managing Director -